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100% Made in Australia

Sustainable Fashion


Fashion Design

Each piece is designed in our 3D-Design Department.

Digital print

Textile print service using eco-colors for skin-friendly fashion.


Manufacturing of customized dresses from design to finish.


about US.

Manto Fashion is a Brisbane based studio that is manufacturing apparel using 3D-technology. 

A young team of six fashion designers, dressmakers, textile artist and marketing experts are working together on a alternative way to design and manufacture fashion. 

In our digital design centre we create all our clothes for each client separately.

Once the design is finalized and the client is happy our textile print department is printing using water based eco-colors.

Finally our dress makers are sewing the clothes together.

All processes are made in our in-house studio.

We believe that with the use of a modern digital workflow the customized made to order fashion can be manufactured in Australia cost-effective without outsourcing to low-cost countries where often workers are working under very bad conditions and materials and colors used may not be environmental healthy.

Olivia Dress
Pink Prisma Dress
White Dress Ciara Front
Spring dress 1
Ciara white dress base promo 2
Purple Dress with Black Dots
083A3817 copy
Manto Fashion Logo Gold
Blue Work
Julianna Dress
Flora Dress
Miss Daisy Dress
Foraml Black Dress
Black and White Dress
Skirt Paris Back Trans


105.2 Da Vinci Business Park

2-6 Leonardo Drive, Brisbane Airport, QLD 4007

Phone: (07) 3103 3386 

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